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It took a while, but it finally happened – an environmentally friendly car is being released that does not in any way resemble a small fridge and is actually quite cool. Yes, this stunning looker is going to turn some heads.

Austin-based automotive design and manufacturing company Ronn Motor’s has built the Scorpion; a hydrogen fuel injected hybrid.


The vehicle utilizes new ‘hydrogen on demand’ technology, which, simply put, generates water from the inbuilt tank, turns it into hydrogen and then injects this into the car’s system.

Not only does this approach allow fuel mileage to increase by between 20 to 40%, it also reduces carbon emissions to nearly zero. Couple this with its exclusive styling, and the Scorpion is sure to be a strong contender in the exotic performance car segment.

The Scorpion is out early 2009 and can be yours for a tidy $150,000.

From:The Cool Hunter

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