Rime For Dolby Digital

August 27th, 2010 ⋅ in blog, GRAFFITI
A few months back Rime was hired by Dolby to paint a piece on video in a rundown section of Los Angeles. For this piece he attempted to create something inspired by an excerpt from a 1951 documentary, on the process and philosophy of Jackson Pollock. Video after the jump...
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12oz Prophet Online Shop

July 22nd, 2010 ⋅ in blog, GRAFFITI
A long time online gathering place for creatives from the streets, 12oz Prophet has expanded to unveil an all new online shop. Already boasting a who’s who of influential street artist’s on their blogroll, the online shop will provide an expansive collection of graffiti-related goods including spray caps, paints and books and printed matter. [...]
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