Goodies Mag Site and New Issue Launch Today!!!

January 27th, 2011 by

Founded by two New Yorkers in 2010 that were fed up with the mundane-ness of their existence and noticing a void in the traditional magazine world, they decided to take a risk and pool their talents to create something they and their peers would enjoy reading. Inspired by the NYC downtown scene, and ever-evolving art world, these two individuals aptly named Kelvin and Igor, came up with something that would fuse their diverse interests. The result was a contemporary lifestyle culture magazine with an adult twist called Goodies, which launched in 2011.

Goodies provides its readers with up to date information in fashion, entertainment, technology, and skin, as well as exclusive looks inside their favorite brands and people. Focused on the influencers of today’s world, Goodies aims to inform its demographic of new and up and coming people in the urban scene.

Constantly advancing and expanding, Goodies will continue to provide its readers with the up most quality of content and exclusiveness. We are always looking to improve and are active participants in our world, we want our readers to be just as active in our magazine.

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