PF Flyers High Tops Archive Reissues

June 16th, 2010 by

For us younger folk who don’t recall the domination of NBA Basketball sneakers  by those of the PF Flyers and the original Converse All-Stars (Chuck Taylors), we more or less know the Flyers as the superhuman speed increasing kicks that Benny-The-Jet used to outrun “the beast” in the baseball classic, The Sandlot. With the undoubtedly recognized revival of the Chucks, PF Flyers have once again joined the main stream; if not for sports, for fashion.  With the NBA finals nearing a close (yes, they are actually almost over), PF Flyers have reissued a few high tops from its golden days in the NBA.  So if you’re looking to rep your Celtic Pride for the NBA finals with a pair of the Kelly greens, or to rock the perfect kicks to match your Sacred Stitch “Time Is Sacred” Tee with a pair of the light grays, Flyers are a sure fired way to complete your summer get up. 

-Harold J. Binge

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