The Green Label Art: Shop Series

August 28th, 2010 by


Mountain Dew, in collaboration with skateboarding star Paul Rodriguez and legendary skate artist Don Pendleton, announced today the launch of the Green Label Art: Shop Series, a contest where 35 skate shops across America compete to have their design featured on a Mountain Dew can.

The Green Label Art: Shop Series provides a platform for skate shops to promote their local culture on a national scale, gain unprecedented exposure, win $10,000 in prize money ($5,000 for the winning shop; $5,000 for the winning artist), and compete with other shops across the country for a chance to have their artwork featured on a nationally distributed Mountain Dew can.

Each of the 35 participating skate shops collaborated with a local artist of their choice and created a unique Mountain Dew can design. Beginning June 25, fans are encouraged to visit to check out all the shops, vote on their favorite can designs and enter for a chance to win a trip to the Dew Tour or limited-edition skateboarding gear featuring the artwork from Paul and Don’s can.
To find out more information about the program, the can design contest and the Paul Rodriguez-Don Pendleton collaboration, check out:


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