DC Shoes Remix Series Project | MSDC Xander

May 17th, 2009 by


dc-shoes-remix-msdc-xander-2dc-shoes-remix-msdc-xander-4Mike Shinoda’s band, Linkin Park, is one of the biggest names in rock music today. In only seven years, the group has sold upwards of 45 million albums, broken music sales and live concert records, and garnered countless awards and achievements from all over the world. Mike has overseen the art of the majority of the band’s packaging, web, and merchandise art since its inception. This second DC Remix Series™ project, the MSDC Xander, is a great juxtaposition of Mike’s unique influences: accomplished artist vs. record-breaking musician, American upbringing vs. Japanese heritage. Mike chose traditional Japanese patterns and Koi scale textures for his shoe and packaging; the sole features custom fish scale tooling created just for this project and artwork sublimated underneath. The many patterns in the in-box booklet and packaging reference fabrics and origami paper patterns that surrounded Shinoda growing up. This special DC Remix Project is now available through Bandmerch.com and Pickyourshoes.com.


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