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SACRED STITCH: How did you come up with your name? Is there any significance to the name Bates?


BATES: One of the characters in the series called “v” had the name bates, thought it was pretty cool and good letters, so I started writing it around in 1986, as for any other significance no, nothing to do with: bates motel, kathy bates or masturbates lol…

SACRED STITCH: When did you start writing graffiti?


BATES: I started messing around with it in 1984,tagging, sketching mostly! Cans was hard to get by, when you’re so young and with few allowances…


SACRED STITCH: Where are you from?


BATES: Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark Europe.


SACRED STITCH: You have been in the game since 1984 how has the graffiti game changed in Denmark since the early days when you started?


BATES: I think it was more naive, funny and loose, today it has exploded into a worldwide thing and todays spray paint techniques are amazing…Your name and style is the main focus!


SACRED STITCH: How would you consider your surroundings and upbringing as a writer has impacted your style?


BATES: I was poor, so it was more a local thing, I ran into the active homeboys around town and hanged out and chilled, watching every step, it was an learning process, I had the luck to be around older writers, got a mentor (rezq)who was kind to show me how to rack, color sketches, work on characters and more. I learned a lot from the writers I painted with….


SACRED STITCH: In our opinion you are one of the most versatile writers in the game, is there a particular style you enjoy doing more than another?


BATES: Thank you, I try a lot of different things, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but at least I learn something new every time

I don’t want to get stuck with one outline, done in different colors….It really depends on the mood I am in, and what I am standing in front of…Sometimes easy letters, straight, semi, bubble or wild style…


SACRED STITCH: Where do you draw your inspiration?


BATES: I like comic/cartoons, design and the Internet is a great source of inspiration.


SACRED STITCH: How has graffiti impacted your day-to-day life?


BATES: Ask my girl, she will probably say too much.  There’s not a day that goes by without any graff input!


SACRED STITCH: What is your paint and caps of choice?


BATES: Ironlak, pro skinny cap,astro fatcap

SACRED STITCH: How do you like the newer paints like Ironlak, and Montana?


BATES: Its amazing, all that paint that is out these days, each one good for various things fill in, outlines, details, fast covering, glossy, flat, handling, caps systems, 250+ colors to choose from.


SACRED STITCH: We love your color schemes, how do you normally pick your colors?


BATES: Sometimes I have an idea of some colors I want to try out, so I come prepared, other times I get loose and work with scraps….Jurne put me onto this color site:


SACRED STITCH: Do you normally come to a wall with a plan or do normally just go off the head?


BATES: Always with and outline on paper…Sometimes I free style on top of that or bring a character, concept or an overall idea how I want the wall to look, it depends…

SACRED STITCH: Do you prefer to paint alone or with other people?


BATES: I mostly paint alone, but I do enjoy company and motivation from old partners in crime…



SACRED STITCH: Your work has been featured in various galleries and been used to sell many different products, at what point did you go from just a writer to someone making a living from what you love to do?


BATES: To make it clear, I don’t live off my art….Yet I am still struggling to find my way, so everything is done on the side.


SACRED STITCH: You have been in the game since 1984 how has the graffiti game changed in Denmark since the early days when you started?


BATES: Going from a local thing to a worldwide culture!


SACRED STITCH: We know that you have painted in various cities throughout the world what was greatest place that graffiti has allowed you to travel to? Can you elaborate on your experience?


BATES: There’s to many great countries and cities, each one have something to offer I just enjoy travelling, painting, meeting new people, seeing other cultures, it makes me feel alive.

SACRED STITCH: Any up coming projects or events you are going to be a part of?


BATES: Ill be off to Montreal hip hop you don’t stop this month, have a few canvases on auction sale in France…Please check my blog for news and updates!


SACRED STITCH: Where can people check out more of your work?














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