Sacred Stitch X Masia One Exclusive Interview

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For those of you who don’t know Masia One is a talented MC and artist based out of Toronto Canada. The Singapore born MC has lived in many places throughout her life including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vancouver, Toronto, Jamaica, contributing to a unique eclectic sound and style.  She is currently working hard in the lab on putting out her first U.S. release with the likes of Producer Che Vicious, RZA, and Talib Kweli. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the up and coming MC to talk about her music her label and her life. We fell in love with her music after the first listen we are sure you will too. Thanks to Masia for the dope interview.

SS:Where did you grow up?

Masia One:  Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vancouver, Toronto, Jamaica.

SS:What most influences your music?
Masia One: Jamaican Dancehalls, South East Asian market places, Brookyln BBQ’s aka Good Vibes.

SS:Tell the readers why they should watch out for you.

Masia One: I’m that 5’1 Singaporean-Canadian girl with yardy swagger about to cause a MAJOR problem for music industry Barbie bullshit.

SS:How long have you been MCing?

Masia One: I have been in the Hip Hop game for 9 years running independent label MERDEKA (but a part of the  culture since I found a bootleg Public Enemy tape at the age of 8 )

SS:Tell us some of the projects you are working on.

Masia One: Right now I’m working on releasing my first US mainstream release with label Kops & Robbers featuring production of Aftermath producer Che Vicious.  (This is the dude that produced much of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Fugees The Score, Eminem, 50 cent, Aretha Franklin…) Guest appearances on the album include RZA, Talib Kweli & Graph Nobel. I am also working on my live album with Dubtonic Kru called MERDEKA Radio, recording out of Tuff Gong Jamaica.

SS:Is there anything you would rather be doing than Music?

Masia One:There’s nothing I would be rather doing than making music & painting in Jamrock.

SS:When do you find its easiest to be creative?

Masia One:I find it easiest to write when I’m working with a great producer with good vibes.

SS:What would you say your most prized possession is?

Masia One: My most prized possessions are my mobile talents, MAC 17″ Powerbook and passport.

SS:Who is your favorite MC of all time?

Masia One:My favorite MC of all time is Big L

SS:What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

Masia One: facebook or twitter

SS:what’s the last thing you do at night?

Masia One: facebook or twitter

SS:what are some things that you love in the people you meet?

Masia One:  people who appreciate good food, make me laugh and build on the hustle.I hate it when people… find out I’m a rapper and ask me to battle or freestyle to prove myself to them.  This is my JOB…I don’t come to your job and ask if you can show me how the deep fryer works or how McFlurries are made.  I also hate lazy people, I only recently realized that 90% of my ex boyfriends didn’t have a job or a dream they pursued…WTF!

SS:If one of your fans or readers see’s you walking down the street what should they do?

Masia One: If you ever see me walking down the street… holler at me if you have a job.

SS: whens the last time you swore off drinking?

Masia One:The last time I swore I’d never drink was after a night of a bad mix of cider and whiskey at Dub Uni in London.  That was better than the time first discovered Petrone in Hawaii.  My friends finally found me at a bus stop at 5am talking to a homeless dude about his home country of Palau.

SS:Any future projects and plans?

Masia One: release my album for mainstream consumption, create merchandise & propaganda that will make me Lady Gaga dough, sell Chinese pop songs as ringtones in Asia, do the Rick Asley hustle, and buy real estate, retire before I’m 40 on a farm in Jamaica growing Mangos and painting while sipping June plum juice.

SS:Where can people find out more about you?

Masia One: People can  find out more about me and my music at and (coming soon) www.kops&

And before I leave I’d like to give a shout out too Tamara my manager that has added 15 years to my life and sanity.  I’d also like to shout out all the ghetto yutes in Jamaica.  Shout out my mama that hates rap music & wants me to marry a doctor (good looking out mom)  Finally, shout outs to Brooklyn – ya’ll some good people

[audio:|titles=Masia One Head In The Clouds ft. Zaki Ibrahim] [audio:|titles=TELEPHONE LOVE prod. Nicolay]

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