Sacred Stitch X Mast One Interview!

January 14th, 2011 by

SACRED STITCH: What do you write?

SACRED STITCH: Is there any significance to the name Mast?
MAST: All of my favorite letters are in there, and it’s short for Master, or if I’m really feeling myself, Masterbation! haha

SACRED STITCH: How long have you been writing for?
MAST: I started back in 94 with my boy MYTH N.W.C. (Not Without Crime) crew. He got me into writing and was a major influence in the formative years.

SACRED STITCH: Where are you from?
MAST: 914!

SACRED STITCH: What crews do you rep?
MAST: The Great Escape and If Mother Only Knew crews!

SACRED STITCH: Would you consider yourself more of a bomber or a piecer?

MAST: I’m definitely more of a piecer. I love doing throw-ups but I definitely don’t do enough, haha. My approach to painting has always been to paint the best possible piece in the illest spot. If people are dropping tags, then I have to do a simple style – if there are throw-ups, do a burner with a character. I’m always challenging myself to raise the bar at whatever spot I paint. Elevate my style! More STYLE!!! Ive been trying to scale back, focus on the basic letter forms and do simpler pieces, we’ll see. It is wintertime!

SACRED STITCH: How has graffiti impacted your day to day life?
MAST: I’m constantly aware of my surroundings from the littlest details to the big picture. I look at everything, all the style out there (or lack of) and possible spots to paint. People, fashion, society, pop culture, everything. You can get inspiration from the weirdest most random things. You can come back from painting exhausted and late as hell sometimes. Some mornings your tired as fuck from painting the night before, its a part of the game. You got over and you got the flick and you keep it moving

SACRED STITCH: What is your paint and caps of choice?

MAST: Nothing beats good old RUSTOLEUM!!! an orange dot and a stock tip! Give it that old stock rock flavor! Stock tips are raw and really burn into the wall well. I like that.

SACRED STITCH: How do you like the newer paints like Ironlak, and Montana?

MAST: They’re great and I’ll paint with most anything, but nothing beats Rusto!

SACRED STITCH: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

MAST: My crew members are my truest inspiration and motivation, I’m lucky to be down with such an amazing group of writers who are constantly surprising me with their inventiveness, creativity and passion.

SACRED STITCH: We love your color schemes, how do you normally pick your colors?

MAST: Light and dark – warm and cool. I’ll try and assemble a few relative colors in the spectrum and then go for their inverse for outline and 3D. I really need to step up my color selection, Ive always kept a very basic palette to my pieces so that the style and letters are the main focus. I’m trying to step that up and take it back to 94! Really get busy with some insane fill-ins ala classic IMOK stees!

SACRED STITCH: Do you normally come to a wall with a plan or do normally just go off the head?

MAST: I usually have somewhat of an idea but some of my favorite piece have been off the top of my head. I draw inspiration from everything I see and come in contact with. Dreams, music, women, beer!, logos, graphics, characters, comics, movies, arcade games! There was always a lot of cool stuff going on those freestanding arcade console graphics. ANYTHING! It can come from anywhere at anytime. I always like to keep a pen and a pad on me so i can sketch something out wherever it strikes me. There’s nothing like free-styling a piece at night when the spot has a certain electricity to it. Its kinda hot, but your gonna rock something fresh, your on your toes, peeping around totally aware of your surroundings, going for it. Your basing your letters off of your instincts and then seeing connections maybe you wouldn’t normally go for, and your going for em, trying something new and not second guessing. You can learn and grow a lot in those moments. Nothing feels better than situations like this, pulling it off and feeling that pride in craftsmanship, stepping back and seeing something learned and new on the wall. Now you got the Juice! haha That’s what does it for me!

SACRED STITCH: Who is your favorite writer of all time?
MAST: I have so many favorite writers – It would take forever to jot all of them down, but I’d say Dondi – Seen – Mode2 were the first and still are at the absolute top if the pile. When I first opened Subway and Spraycan Art my mind was blown, FOREVER, I was hooked! I was on a mission from then on to get up and develop my style, to make a name for myself and be the best that I can be. yeah!

SACRED STITCH: We had the opportunity to peep the “majick masters” production you rocked with Jick how did that come about?

MAST: We were talking about painting together and I wanted to rock something a little different, I came up with the idea to put our two names together and drop the magician character in the middle with the hands. Its a great time rocking these, get to flex a character and extend the handle. Goodtimes!

SACRED STITCH: Being in the game as long as you have how do you feel about the graff now? Where it has gone and the new generation of writers?
MAST: Graff is what you make of it. With all of the access new writers have to photos of graffiti its surprising that they aren’t developing at a faster rate. But maybe that’s just it, people are being lazy, lurking around the internet instead of going out there and rocking, practicing exploring and discovering. The internet is an amazing resource as far as communication and information but it needs to be that and not a crutch. Its about going out and being the best with the most! Have fun with it, In the end its all about FUN! if your not enjoying yourself QUIT!!!

SACRED STITCH: Have you ever gone bombing internationally? If so any cool places that you have traveled to?

MAST: Not so much – I had the opportunity to paint in Spain years ago and look forward to traveling and painting again. I love the different style writers are flexing abroad. Very original and inspiring stuff going on out there.

SACRED STITCH: Being in the game for as long as you have we are sure you have some good get away stories from the law care to share one?
MAST: One night I was painting some freights in the Bronx with an old partner. We hit up a few cars and were walking in an opening between trains to investigation a box of Coronas we saw on the side. This spot was notorious for having Corona Cars that you could sometimes grab a case if you were lucky enough. The yard was wide, about 7 or 8 lines. As we were in the clearing an Astro van pulled up on the other side of the tracks and stopped. We froze and looked at each other, then all of a sudden the passenger yelled HALT! we were standing there and for all we cared dude said GO! we booked cartoon style with the legs spinning and were out. I’m about twenty paces into the full on sprint when i look back at my boy who literally jumped out of his sneakers. The Astrovan was speeding on the other side of the tracks but i knew if it ever attempted to cross the tracks its axle was done. He got his sneaker back on and we booked up the side of an underpass and over the fence. I made it over and my boy was half way up when i saw an undercover running up the hill towards us. My boy was over the fence and we booked, Cops don’t climb fences. We hid under a truck for a half hour then made out way to white Castle once things settled down. We laughed about it over some sliders and coronas an hour later. Lace up up your kicks kids, at any second it could be ON! HALT! haha Who the fuck says Halt?

SACRED STITCH: Any up coming projects or events you are going to be a part of?

MAST: Its always something new. I’m always working on collaborating with people/businesses on painting murals (indoor/outdoor), design work, whatever.
Hit me up at if your interested in working together.

SACRED STITCH: Where can people check out more of your work?

MAST: I’m putting my work all over, its just usually not in front of your face, get out there and look for it!
I post a few flicks from time to time at


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