Sacred Stitch X P.So Exclusive Interview

August 5th, 2010 by

As most you already know the Sacred Stitch Team are big Fans of the versatile MC we recently had the opportunity to sit down with the talented MC and producer to talk about his style, influences and up-coming projects. Check out the interview below as well as some dope performance videos of at NYC’s S.O.B.’s. Big shout out to for the all the love and support he has given us be sure to go out and cop the mix tape “jellyfish”! Its going to be classic.

SACRED STITCH: Where are you from?

P.SO:Buffalo, NY

SACRED STITCH: How long have you been seriously pursuing hip hop?

P.SO:7 years

SACRED STITCH: Where do you draw your inspiration  from musically?

P.SO:I draw inspiration from everywhere in life.  A gun shot, a beautiful day, a dirty sewer drain, anything in life can find its way into a song.  Comic Books, film and other artists also inspire me.

SACRED STITCH: Where do you draw your inspiration  from as far as your over all style?

P.SO:My overall style is Is inspired by late 90’s hiphop lyrically and indie rock music stylistically

SACRED STITCH: For those that don’t know your MC name used to called p.casso,what was the significance of that name and why did you decide to abbreviate it?

P.SO: P.casso was a name I picked up because I was always a fan of Pablo Picasso’s work and I look at HipHop in a very visual sense.  The nickname “P.SO” came from friends of mine and it kind of stuck.

SACRED STITCH: Why do refer to yourself as the earth tone king?

P.SO: A nickname given to me by Sucio Smash because of my tendency to wear Earth Tone Clothing and natural personality.

SACRED STITCH: Tell us about you current projects suicide by jelly fish and moontones.

P.SO: Moontones is an electro/techno hiphop EP produced by up and coming producers The Soundmen.  Jellyfish is a collaborative effort between myself and rapper 8thw1, combining introspective lyrics with indie rock.

SACRED STITCH: How do you feel your sound has progressed since your first album release for your consideration?

P.SO: Bigger and more polished songs, a better understating of the nuances of sound and the human condition as it relates to creating classic music.

SACRED STITCH: Who is your favorite mc of all time?

P.SO: I really dig Jay-Z’s body of work, very inspired by Nas, DOOM, and Common too…

SACRED STITCH:What’s your outlook on major labels compared to indie?

P.SO: Right now indie’s are winning, a major label can’t offer a new artist much nowadays…

SACRED STITCH:Any big plans once the album drops in regards to promotions and shows?

P.SO: Well, My next mixtape “Jellyfish” is dropping soon, gonna do some shows and release promotional material.  My next album, “The Gateway to Greatness”  will come out next year sometime… its gonna be huge!

SACRED STITCH:Before we wrap this up anyone you want to shout out?

P.SO: Sacred Stitch!
AOk Collective
and all the P.SO fans!

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