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SACRED STITCH: How did you come up with your name? Is there any significance to the name Peis?
PEIS ONE: No just wanted to be original, and no one I knew had it.


SACRED STITCH: When did you start writing graffiti?


PEIS ONE: I started in 93 took it serious around 95.
SACRED STITCH: Where are you from?
PEIS ONE:  New Ro /Mount Vernon area 914

SACRED STITCH: How would you consider your surroundings and upbringing as a writer has impacted your style?

PEIS ONE:  Surroundings played a part seeing certain walls with every other day new art work on it , which showed me how alive this art form was, also my mom knew how much I loved graffiti so she said go for it just be careful.

SACRED STITCH: What are your thoughts on the Internet and the way it has changed the graff game, with sites like 12 ounce?

PEIS ONE:  It’s good and bad. Good, cause you can see other writer’s and other places in the world, and get good exposure fast, Bad cause now the boys in blue are watching what’s what an who’s who, and the old school hard footwork is all on your keyboard.

SACRED STITCH: You have a very unique writing style who are some of your major influences?
PEIS ONE:  MY major influences were old Westchester’s writers like Vet ,Ces, TMC, shams JHF crew, those DF guys , and TVT. Just to think how young I was but I was surly paying attention.
SACRED STITCH: Besides other writers where do you draw your inspiration?
PEIS ONE:  all kinds of art inspire me, it could be anything. From life, colors , shapes, music is major influence. Any inch of life can get me hype, it can happen that fast.

SACRED STITCH: How has graffiti impacted your day-to-day life?


PEIS ONE:  To be honest I’m very private about my art. Very few know that I’m an artist. So day-to-day it hasn’t impacted me too much.
SACRED STITCH: What is your paint and caps of choice?

PEIS ONE:  love and respect to the Rusto, America accent, Krylon. But over all Mtn 94, Ironlak, Montana, and I have danced a Lil bit with the element. Caps, pink Ironlak stock , Mtn 94 stock, and the ultimate yellow top universal.
SACRED STITCH: How do you like the newer paints like Ironlak, and Montana?


PEIS ONE: The newer paints are great an the caps, and of course the low pressure
SACRED STITCH: We love your color schemes, how do you normally pick your colors?

PEIS ONE: My colors depend of my mood an how I’m feeling at the moment, me an colors are like rolling dice anything can happen.  

SACRED STITCH: Do you normally come to a wall with a plan or do normally just go off the head?

PEIS ONE:  I’m a off the head kind of guy, I do outlines, mainly for like small productions or if I’m really trying to air it out. But over all its off the dome.
SACRED STITCH: Do you prefer to paint alone or with other people?

PEIS ONE:  it all depends I mainly paint wit my right-hand man Tole. or Vet an a few members of TMC. Depending or the situation I can paint with anyone I’m not a funny style dude.

SACRED STITCH: Your black book work is some of the best we have seen, what do you think about the importance of a black book?

PEIS ONE:  Black books are very important, that’s where I started. I built myself there before painting. Before any wall an can, there was the black books and markers.
SACRED STITCH: What is your all time favorite piece?

PEIS ONE:  My silver black and green piece I did. It was the first time I ever painted with Vet, at the TMC warehouse. That entire day was a great experience, that piece made it into the Fresh Paint NYC book which was dope.

SACRED STITCH: Every writer has a getaway story, care to share any memorable moments with us?

PEIS ONE:  My classic get Chase and get away story goes back to late spring of 1998, it was at the 238th spot in the Bx, me and Tole was doing a end to end production directly across from where Vet and Ces’s classic Halloween piece was, Elet showed up for awhile but he didn’t stay long. I was jus finishing my fill in, while Tole was still working on his outline. We were there for bout a good hour on some change painting. We were ducking every train that came by mind you this was in broad daylight. Right before I started to get in to my 3D something told me look on the other side of the wall, don’t know what it was just had a crazy feeling. While I took a peak around the wall and the “pigs” were pulling right up about to hop out the car. I’m like “YoOooo they coming “, just so happens that the metro north train was coming at the same time. So if they would have snuck up on us with out me seeing We would have been trapped cause We would not have been able to cross the tracks with a train flying by. Train coming full speed we get across the tracks thank God. But it isn’t over yet it was just getting started. We split up from there. I was ducking behind these tall bushes and when the train past the pigs started crossing the tracks I’m like shit, I run to the Woodlawn station, but they didn’t see me. I’m still on the tracks but hiding behind the wall. Out of no where I see two more pigs coming flying down the train station steps on to the platform an they were super thirsty. Then one cop looked like he was bout to jump on the tracks in search of us. I didn’t think twice, I ran into the Bronx river “yes the actual river water” an across jogged up an played the high bushes right next to the highway. I can see them but they didn’t see me. There little search for us wasn’t long, I saw them go back up to the street area. I stayed in those bushes for like a good hour, all wet and nasty, but well worth it for my freedom.

SACRED STITCH: Besides New York have you had the chance to paint in any other cities and states?


PEIS ONE:  Other than my hometown New York, I have rock up in Connecticut. And I have a nice amount of work in the Atlanta area, and a few in  New Jersey.

Any up coming projects or events you are going to be a part of?

PEIS ONE:  I’m working with a small t shirt company now call Grownkids. Working on something for a major vodka company not saying no names cause its not written in stone yet but under construction.

Where can people check out more of your work?

PEIS ONE:  Lmao a wall near you
SACRED STITCH: Any shout outs before we wrap it up?

PEIS ONE:   S/O to my MK fam Tole One . My TMC crew Vet Jase Faip Spek . Shams JHF. An Tuff City 914 and Sacred Stich for the love!



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